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    • Machine-learning techniques for the prediction of protein–protein interactions


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      Protein–protein interactions (PPIs) are important for the study of protein functions and pathways involved in differentbiological processes, as well as for understanding the cause and progression of diseases. Several high-throughput experimentaltechniques have been employed for the identification of PPIs in a few model organisms, but still, there is a huge gapin identifying all possible binary PPIs in an organism. Therefore, PPI prediction using machine-learning algorithms hasbeen used in conjunction with experimental methods for discovery of novel protein interactions. The two most popularsupervised machine-learning techniques used in the prediction of PPIs are support vector machines and random forestclassifiers. Bayesian-probabilistic inference has also been used but mainly for the scoring of high-throughput PPI datasetconfidence measures. Recently, deep-learning algorithms have been used for sequence-based prediction of PPIs. Severalclustering methods such as hierarchical and k-means are useful as unsupervised machine-learning algorithms for theprediction of interacting protein pairs without explicit data labelling. In summary, machine-learning techniques have beenwidely used for the prediction of PPIs thus allowing experimental researchers to study cellular PPI networks.

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