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    • Cyclic AMP transport across membrane vesicles of ultra-violet light irradiatedEscherichia coli

      D Bhatnagar A K Bhattacharya

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      Transport of cyclic AMP acrossEscherichia coli membrane was studied using membrane vesicles. Uptake of cyclic AMP was measured using normally oriented vesicles, whereas uptake in everted vesicles was taken as a measure of the efflux of cyclic AMP. Ultra-violet irradiation of the cells led to an inhibition of both uptake and efflux of cyclic AMP across the membrane. The presence of cyclic AMP in the growth medium prior to ultra-violet irradiation caused an enhancement of the uptake and efflux. The uptake and efflux of cyclic AMP were less in vesicles from glucose grown cells as compared to the uptake and efflux by the vesicles prepared from glycerol grown cells. Similarly both uptake and efflux of cyclic AMP were more in vesicles prepared from cells grown on glycerol or glucose in the presence of cyclic AMP than in vesicles from cells grown in absence of cyclic AMP. It is suggested that the number of cyclic AMP carrier molecules were reduced in cells under catabolite repression by glucose as well as by ultra-violet irradiation

    • Protective effect of glutathione and selenium against alloxan induced lipid peroxidation and loss of antioxidant enzymes in erythrocytes

      Poonam Yadav S Sarkar D Bhatnagar

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      Alloxan is a diabetogenic drug and is known to induce diabetes through generation of free radicals. The toxic oxygen species can be detoxified by antioxidant enzyme system and thus reduce the deleterious effect of lipid peroxidation. Erythrocytes exposed to alloxan induced lipid peroxidationin vivo as well asin vitro. Although alloxan treatment produced a deleterious effect on antioxidant enzymes, pretreatment with glutathione and selenium led to a recovery of the activities of superoxide dismutase and glutathione peroxidase. However, catalase activity increased on alloxan treatment. Alloxan reduced blood glucose level significantly within 60 min but thereafter a slow and steady rise was observed.

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