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    • The effect of copper on histidine biosynthesis inNeurospora crassa

      C Subramanyam G Venkateswerlu

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      The inhibition of growth of a wild strain ofNeurospora crassa by Cu2+ is counteracted by histidine, histidine methyl ester, histidinol and Mn2+. In the presence of Cu2+, the total free amino acid content decreased by 30%. The decreased free amino acid pools of arginine, histidine and tyrosine were restored on the addition of Mn2+. Histidinol phosphate phosphatase showed a decrease in activity in the presence of Cu2+. This inhibition was reversed on the addition of excess Mn2+. The data suggest that copper toxicity in the mould is due to suppression of histidine biosynthesis.

    • An enzymic method for the determination of chitin and chitosan in fungal cell walls

      C Subramanyam S L N Rao

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      The free and N-acetyl glucosamine contents, serving as a measure of the amounts of chitosan and chitin respectively, were determined in the chitinase hydrolysates of the cell wall of a wild strain ofNeurospora crassa. Chitinase, obtained from cultures ofSerratia marcescens, could hydrolyse the cell wall completely apart from being capable of hydrolysing preparations of chitin and chitosan. The free and N-acetyl glucosamines, released by chitinase hydrolysis, were determined by a modified Morgan-Elson reaction carried out in the presence and absence of acetic anhydride. The method is capable of estimating chitin and chitosan contents in as little as 100 μg of cell wall material.

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