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    • Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol and human spermatozoa

      Indira Chakravarty Girish Shah Anil R Sheth Jagat J Ghosh

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      Thein vitro effect of δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol on adenosine triphosphatase and phosphodiesterase activities as well as on the cyclic-AMP content of human spermatozoa has been studied. At a concentration of 1.0 ▪g, sperm metabolism may be increased as shown by increased cyclic AMP and adenosine-triphosphatase activity while at a higher concentration (10 ▪g tetrahydrocannabinol), it may be reversed.

    • Prostatic inhibin peptide: Occurrence, localization and its hormonal modulation in prostates of primates and rodents

      Seema V Garde Anil R Sheth N K Lohiya Madhavi G Shah

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      Immunocytochemical localization studies revealed the presence of 10·5 kDa inhibin in the prostatic epithelial cells of the human, non-human primates (Macaca radiata,Presbytis entellus, Callithrix jacchus), dog and laboratory rodents (guinea pigs, hamsters, rats and mice). The capability of the prostate gland to synthesize inhibinin vitro was shown by the incorporation of radiolabeled leucine into inhibin which was immuno-precipitated. Unlike most prostatic proteins, inhibin was found to be androgen-independent since no significant alteration in inhibin concentration in prostate occurred pre/post castration. Physicochemical and immunological characteristics of inhibin as revealed by high performance liquid chromatography and parallel dilution curve in a radioimmunoassay revealed similarities of inhibin in prostates of various species.

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