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    • A rapid method for preparation of sarcolemma from frog skeletal muscle

      S I M Zaidi R N Pandey A M Kidwai C R Krishnamurti

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      A rapid method for the preparation of sarcolema from frog skeletal muscle has been described. The purified cell segments were transparent and devoid of contractile material. The Na+, K+ -ATPase and 5'-nucleotidase activities in sarcolemma purified by this method were comparable to those reported for sarcolemmal preparations purified by density gradient centrifugation. The preparation also possessed acid phosphatase, alkaline phosphatase and K+ -activated, ouabain-sensitive p-nitrophenyl phosphatase activities. The cholesterol to phospholipid ratio of the sarcolemma was 0.33, indicating its high purity; further, the preparation was free from mitochondria and contractile proteins.

    • Isolation and characterization of plasma membrane fromAcanthamoeba culbertsoni

      Sanjay Kumar Mishra N K Garg A M Kidwai

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      A rapid method for preparation of plasma membrane fromAcanthamoeba culbertsoni involving toluene treatment followed by lithium bromide extraction is described. In the plasma membrane preparation, 5′-nucleotidase, Na+ + K+ -ATPase, Mg2+ -ATPase and glucose-6-phosphatase activities were enriched. The membrane preparation was free from nucleic acid, cytochrome P-450 and cytochrome b5. Amino acid (14C-Ieucine) was not incorporated in the plasma membrane in 2 min. Succinic dehydrogenase was not detectable in the plasma membrane preparation. The molar ratio of cholesterol and phospholipids was 0.95 which is characteristics for plasma membranes. Under electronmicroscopy the preparation was homogenous without any other component of the cell. Plasma membrane proteins and glycoproteins were separated on acrylamide gel electrophoresis

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