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    • Identification and analysis of mobile-genetic elements in gibbon genome


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      Recent sequencing of genome of northern white-cheeked gibbon (Nomascus leucogenys) has provided important insight into fast evolution of gibbons and signatures relevant to gibbon biology.Mobile-genetic elements (MGEs) seem to play a major role in gibbon evolution. Here, we report that most of the gibbon genome is occupied by MGEs such as Alus, MIRs, LINE1, LINE2, LINE3, ERVL, ERV-classI, ERV-classII and other DNA elements which include hAT Charlie and TcMar tigger.We provide detailed description and genome-wide distribution of allthe MGEs present in the gibbon genome. Previously, it was reported that gibbon-specific retrotransposon (LAVA) tends to insert into chromosome segregation genes and alter transcription by providing a premature terminationsite, suggesting a possible molecular mechanism for the genome plasticity of the gibbon lineage. We show that insertion sites of LAVA elements present atypical signals/patterns which are different from typical signals present at the insertion sites of Alu elements. This suggests the possibility of a distinct insertion mechanism used by LAVA elements for their insertions. We also find similarity in the signals of LAVA element insertion sites with atypical signals present at the Alus/L1s insertion sites disrupting the genes leading to diseases such as cancer and Duchenne muscular dystrophy. This suggests the role of LAVA in premature transcription termination.

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