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    • Achieving surface hydrophobic and moisture-proof properties of ancient-book paper by in-situ protection of epoxy-based POSS/PVDF composite coating


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      Plant-fibre ancient-books with cultural significance should be protected from moisture and pollution. In this work, a strategy of surface in-situ protection (building composite coating) was adopted to achieve good hydrophobicity, moisture-proofness and ink-contamination resistance at the surface of archaistic paper. By pre-ring opening of epoxybased poly(vinyl silsesquioxane) (POSS) and spray of POSS/polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) mixed solution, in-situ construction of POSS/PVDF composite coating at the surface of ancient paper was achieved. Compared to water absorbing ancient paper, POSS/PVDF co-modified ancient paper shows strong humidity resistance. The surface of comodified ancient paper (epoxy-group pre-ring opening for 45 min) displays high hydrophobicity (water contact angle of ${\sim}$142.6°), ascribed to greatly improved surface roughness of paper fibres as well as complete coverage of high-content Si/F elements on fibre surface. POSS-modified and neat ancient-paper materials show surface water contact angles of ${\sim}$113.9° and 0°, respectively. Robust ink-resistance of POSS/PVDF co-modified ancient-paper surface is realized. The innovation in this work lies in perfect synergy of cage-shaped POSS and threadlike PVDF in coating. This work might open a way for surface nondestructive-protection to ancient-books for damp-proof, hydrophobic and anti-fouling characteristics.

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