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    • Electronic properties of magnetically doped nanotubes

      Keivan Esfarjani Z Chen Y Kawazoe

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      Effect of doping of carbon nanotubes by magnetic transition metal atoms has been considered in this paper. In the case of semiconducting tubes, it was found that the system has zero magnetization, whereas in metallic tubes the valence electrons of the tube screen the magnetization of the dopants: the coupling to the tube is usually antiferromagnetic (except for Cr).

    • Hydrothermal synthesis of porous Co(OH)2 nanoflake array film and its supercapacitor application

      Z Chen Y Chen C Zuo S Zhou A G Xiao A X Pan

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      Porous 𝛼-Co(OH)2 nanoflake array film is prepared by a facile hydrothermal synthesis method. The 𝛼-Co(OH)2 nanoflake array film exhibits a highly porous net-like structure composed of interconnected nanoflakes with a thickness of 15 nm. The pseudo-capacitive behaviour of the Co(OH)2 nanoflake array film is investigated by cyclic voltammograms (CV) and galvanostatic charge–discharge tests in 2MKOH. The 𝛼-Co(OH)2 nanoflake array film exhibits high capacitances of 1017 F g-1 at 2Ag-1 and 890 F g-1 at 40Ag-1 as well as rather good cycling stability for supercapacitor application. The porous architecture is responsible for the enhancement of the electrochemical properties because it provides fast ion and electron transfer, large reaction surface area and good strain accommodation.

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