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    • Helical 𝐻-type aggregation of trimeric 𝑝-phenylene vinylene with chiral ester groups

      Haiquan Zhang Ying Li Peng Wang

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      Self-assembly properties of the trimeric 𝑝-phenylene vinylene derivative containing symmetrical endgroups of 𝑅-(+)-2-methylbutyric acid ester (ChTPV) in H2O/THF mixed solvents were studied by absorption, photoluminescence and circular dichroism (CD) spectra. The results indicate that ChTPV exhibits helical 𝐻-type nano-aggregates in 80% H2O/THFmixed solvents, and the negative exciton coupling suggests that the chromophoric dipoles are oriented in a counter-clockwise direction.

    • Temperature influence and reset voltage study of bipolar resistive switching behaviour in ZrO2 thin films

      Ying Li Gaoyang Zhao Jian Su Erfeng Shen Yang Ren

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      We have fabricated ZrO2 thin films by sol–gel deposition and annealed them at 300, 500 and 700 °C. Reproducible 𝐼-𝑉 curves can be obtained for the device Cu/ZrO2/ATO which is measured at room temperature (300 K). During the RESET operation, 𝑅L and 𝑅H values can be controlled by the RESET voltage. Moreover, the Cu/ZrO2/ATO device which the ZrO2 thin film annealed at 300 °C can be measured as resistive switching sweeps at 200, 100 and 50 K. It was found that the ratio of 𝑅off/𝑅on reduced when the measured temperature decreased. When the 𝐼-𝑉 measurement temperature decreases, 𝑅on decreases obviously which is typical for electronic transportation in a Cu metal. It is indicated that the Cu metallic conduction filament has been formed in the ZrO2 films. Besides, the microstructure by high resolution transmission electrical microscopy (HRTEM) was also investigated.

    • Study of influence on micro-fabricated resistive switching organic ZrO2 array by C-AFM measurement

      Ying Li Gaoyang Zhao Zhibo Kou Long Jin Yajing Wang

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      In this paper, a comparison of the interfacial electronic properties between Pt/Ir conductive atomic force microscopy (C-AFM) tip and ZrO2 organic array was carried out. A uniformed ZrO2 array was fabricated with a mean diameter of around 1 𝜇m using laser interference lithography. A C-AFM measurement set-up was built up. The 𝐼-𝑉 curve was directly measured of the organic ZrO2 array which shows a resistive switching characteristic by C-AFM measurement. The set voltage is 18.0 V and the reset voltage is −5.0 V. After the Pt layer was coated on the ZrO2 array, the set voltage decreases to 0.8 V and the reset voltage decreases to −2.2 V. This result shows that Pt layer can prevent the potential drop effectively. The electron barrier height between Pt/Ir C-AFM tip and organic ZrO2 array was enhanced by sputtering Pt layer on the ZrO2 organic array.

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