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    • Effect of (meth)acrylates on in situ visible light polymerization of dimethacrylamide


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      This study reports in situ visible light copolymerization of a synthesized dimethacrylamide with the selected (meth)acrylates. The effects of these selected comonomers with different functional groups on the polymerization rate, degree of conversion, gel time and compressive strength were investigated. The results showed that in situ copolymerization of the dimethacrylamide with the comonomers having an electron-withdrawing and/or acrylate group could significantly increase the polymerization rate, degree of conversion and compressive strength. Contrarily, an electron-donating group on either carbon–carbon double bond or ester linkage could slow down the polymerization. In comparison, its methacrylate counterpart, triethylene glycol dimethacrylate-based system did not show a clear pattern. The formed H-bonds between (meth)acrylamide and organic acid groups may be responsible for higher compressive strengths. Within the limitation of this study, it is concluded that in situ polymerization of dimethacrylamide under visible light can be accelerated by copolymerization with monomers having electron-withdrawing and/or acrylate groups and vice versa.

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