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    • Physicochemical, structural and induced ferromagnetic properties of Co–In-codoped CdO synthesised via Cd chloride: significant effect of post-treatment hydrogen


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      Nanoparticle solid solution powders of cadmium oxide doped with different concentrations of cobalt and indium ions were synthesised by solvothermal method through CdCl$_2$·H$_2$O precursor route. The objective of the present work is to study and develop conditions necessary to create stable room-temperature ferromagnets (RTFMs) in transparent conducting oxide (TCO) CdO for applications in the field of dilute magnetic semiconductors (DMSs). To achieve this aim, cobalt (Co$^{2+}$) dopant ions were used as a source of stable FM, while In$^{3+}$ dopant ions supply free electrons that enhance the electronic medium of interaction. The electronic medium in the host CdO lattice,which carries the long-range spin–spin ($S.S$) exchange interaction between localised Co$^{2+}$ (3d) spins of dopant ions, was further developed by annealing in hydrogen gas (hydrogenation). The crystalline structure of the powder samples was investigated by the X-ray diffraction (XRD) method. The optical absorption properties were studied by diffuse reflection spectroscopy (DRS). Magnetic measurements reveal that the Co–In-codoped CdO powder has FM properties superimposed on paramagnetic (PM) behaviour. However, annealing in hydrogen atmosphere strongly boosts the created FMso that the saturation magnetisation increases $\sim$90 times. Physical explanations and discussion are given in the article. Thus, it is proved that the magnetic properties could be tailored to TCO CdO by Co-doping and post-treatment under H$_2$ atmosphere.

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