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    • Chemical solution deposition of CaCu3Ti4O12 thin film

      Viswanathan S Saji Han Cheol Choe

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      CaCu3Ti4O12 (CCTO) thin film was successfully deposited on boron doped silica substrate by chemical solution deposition and rapid thermal processing. The phase and microstructure of the deposited films were studied as a function of sintering temperature, employing X-ray diffractometry and scanning electron microscopy. Dielectric properties of the films were measured at room temperature using impedance spectroscopy. Polycrystalline pure phase CCTO thin films with (220) preferential orientation was obtained at a sintering temperature of 750°C. There was a bimodal size distribution of grains. The dielectric constant and loss factor at 1 kHz obtained for a film sintered at 750°C was 𝑘 ∼ 2000 and tan 𝛿 ∼ 0.05.

    • Preferential dissolution behaviour in Ni–Cr dental cast alloy

      Viswanathan S Saji Han Cheol Choe

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      A Ni–Cr–Mo dental alloy was fabricated by three different casting methods, viz. centrifugal casting, high frequency induction casting and vacuum pressure casting. The dependence of cast microstructure on the electrochemical corrosion behaviour was investigated using potentiodynamic cyclic and potentiostatic polarization techniques, impedance spectroscopy and scanning electron microscopy. The experimental results were compared and discussed with those obtained for a Co–Cr–Mo counterpart. The results of the study showed that the variation in casting morphologies with casting methods has only marginal influence in the overall corrosion resistance of Ni–Cr and Co–Cr dental alloys. There was severe preferential dissolution of Ni rich, Cr and Mo depleted zones from the Ni–Cr–Mo alloy. The overall corrosion resistance property of the Co–Cr base alloy was better than that of the Ni–Cr base alloy.

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