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    • Nitrogen-doped graphene-like carbon from bio-waste as efficient low-cost electrocatalyst for fuel cell application


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      The development of metal-free carbon-based catalysts for alkaline fuel cells has been the subject of current interest, because of the low cost and improving fuel cell efficiency. Particularly, nitrogen-doped carbon shows prominent results. Here, we show an oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) activity of nitrogen-doped graphene-like carbon materials (NGLC)prepared by heating bagasse-derived carbon and melamine in a 1:15 ratio. The N-GLC catalyst displays excellent electro-catalytic activity towards the ORR with an onset potential of 0.92 V vs. reversible hydrogen electrode (RHE) inalkaline media (0.1 M KOH). Moreover, the half-wave (E$_{1/2}$) potential 0.83 V is almost the same compared to Pt-C(40 wt%) catalyst and the diffusion limiting current of 4 mA cm$^{–2}$. The rotating ring disc experiment showed a four electron pathway ($n$ = 3.65) with the moderate peroxide (HO-$_2$ ) yield. Due to its promising ORR activity and long-term electrochemical stability, N-GLC catalyst is used in alkaline anion exchange membrane fuel cell (AEMFC) as a single cell, about 6 mW cm$^{–2}$ peak power density was achieved at the load current density of ${\sim}$20 mA cm$^{–2}$. So the N-GLC canbe a cheap alternative ORR catalyst for AEMFC applications.

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