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    • Ternary CTAB@Co$_3$O$_4$@GO nanocomposite as a promising superoxide dismutase mimic


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      In the present study, nanocomposite (NC) of cetyl trimethyl ammonium bromide (CTAB) coated cobalt oxide nanoparticles (Co$_3$O$_4$ NPs) with graphene oxide (GO), i.e., CTAB@Co$_3$O$_4$@GO, was synthesized for superoxide dismutase mimic (SOD) activity. The NPs and NC were characterized using various analytical tools. X-ray diffraction patterns, Fourier transform infrared and scanning electron microscope–energy dispersive spectrum confirmed the presence of both GO and Co$_3$O$_4$ NPs in NC. Transmission electron microscope micrographs of NC showed GO nanosheets having CTAB-coated Co$_3$O$_4$ NPs on their surface. The NC was evaluated for SOD mimic activity using pyrogallol as a substrate. NC displayed maximum activity as compared to pristine GO and Co$_3$O$_4$ NPs. The results signified that the surfactant coating and embedding the NPs in the GO matrix helped in increasing the interaction of NC with the substrate molecules. Kinetics data was modelled using Michaelis–Menton equation. The calculated $K_m$ and $V_{max}$ values of NC were 0.0675 mM and 0.146 mol s$^{–1}$, respectively. Lower value of Michaelis constant $K_m$ as compared to the reported values, confirmits edge over other SOD mimics. Thus CTAB@Co$_3$O$_4$@GO NC holds potential for replacing natural enzyme in SOD based enzymatic assay.

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