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    • Transparent conducting films

      T P Sharma C P Pandey

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      We present here a new technique, called vapour phase spray pyrolysis, for deposition ofto andito films. Undopedto film showed semiconducting nature, a sheet resistance of 1088 Ω/□, a donor ionization energy level of 40 meV, average visible transmittance of 75·4% andn-type conductivity. The indium doped (ito) film 10 wt % showed metallic nature, a sheet resistance of 15 Ω/□, average visible transmittance of 80·4 % andp-type conductivity. Thus theto andito films showed fairly good electro-optical qualities, comparable to those obtained by sophisticated and costly techniques.

    • Photoabsorption and energy band gap of amorphous Se alloy films

      S C K Misra T P Sharma

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      Amorphous selenium alloy films have been found to exhibit excellent photosensitive properties from 300 to 700 nm. These films constitute the essential part of xerographic photoreceptors. Optical absorption, energy band gap and X-ray structural analysis of Se85 Te15 and Se85 As15 films are reported. The effect of annealing on these parameters has also been indicated.

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