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    • TEM observation and fracture morphology in the CGHAZ of a new 0Cr18Mo2Ti ferritic stainless steel

      Li Yajiang Zhang Yonglan Sun Bin Wang Juan

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      Microstructure, precipitates and fracture morphology in the coarse grained heat-affected zone (CGHAZ) of a new high-purity 0Cr18Mo2Ti ferritic stainless steel were studied by means of optical metallography, SEM, TEM, X-ray diffractometer, etc. Experimental results indicated that grain coarsening resulted in brittle fracture in the CGHAZ of 0Cr18Mo2Ti steel. The reduction of impact toughness in the CGHAZ due to change of cooling rate can be attributed to the increase of nitrides (TiN, Cr2N, etc). These nitrides in the CGHAZ promote initiation and propagation of brittle cracks. The precipitated Cr2N nitrides in the grain boundaries decrease impact toughness in the CGHAZ of 0Cr18Mo2Ti steel by promoting crack initiation. In practical applications, the welding heat input (𝐸) should be as low as possible to prevent toughness reduction in the CGHAZ.

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