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    • Undercooling studies on dispersed bismuth droplets

      Sanjay Chaubey Vakil Singh P Ramachandrarao

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      In the zinc-bismuth system, a monotectic reaction occurs at 689 K and 0·6 at.% Bi composition. Rapid solidification of the as-cast monotectic alloy led to a micromorphology in which bismuth was uniformly and bimodally distributed as small droplets in the zinc matrix. Statistical analysis of the electron micrographs obtained from different transparent regions of the foils revealed that the size of most of the droplets was about 6 nm. These droplets undercooled by 132 K. An analysis of the nucleation rate measurements shows that the activation energy barrier to nucleation is of the order of 39·8 kcal/mol at the maximum undercooling.

    • Studies on relative catalytic efficiencies of zinc and aluminium on nucleation of dispersed bismuth droplets

      Sanjay Chaubey

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      In Zn–Bi and Al–Bi systems, both of which belong to monotectic class, dispersion of second phase particles within the matrix have been produced through rapid solidification processing (RSP) route. In order to understand relative catalytic efficiencies of Zn and Al matrices in catalyzing nucleation of Bi particles entrapped in the respective metal matrices, thermal analysis in constant program mode was performed. Thermal analyses revealed that Bi undercools by 132° in Zn matrix and by 157° in Al matrix. Thermodynamic barrier to nucleation (𝛥𝐺*) for Bi has also been calculated, which is 39.8 kcal/mole and 47.085 kcal/mole, in Zn and Al matrices, respectively at the maximum recorded undercoolings.

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