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    • Electrical, electromechanical and thermal properties of thin tellurium films

      S Sampath Kolluri V Ramanaiah

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      Thin films of tellurium of wide range of thicknesses have been deposited by vacuum evaporation and their electrical properties such as electrical resistivity and temperature coefficient of resistance have been measured. The suitability of these films for possible use as strain gauges has been studied and their strain resistivity behaviour is presented. The thermal conductivity of these films have been determined and these results are presented alongwith. An interesting phenomenon has been noticed. In all these effects an extraordinary behaviour is observed at a specific thickness. This smears out with an increase in the thickness of the film. These effects are explained in terms of size effects in thin films.

    • Structural and electrical study of ZnCuTiO4, ZnCuSnO4 and ZnCuGeO4 synthesised using metallic copper

      M P Tare R R Tripathi S Sampath S M Tare

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      The structural study of ZnCuTiO4, ZnCuSnO4 and ZnCuGeO4 reveals that while the cooperativeJ-T effect of Sn4+ is responsible for the orthorhombic symmetry of ZnCuSnO4, the hexagonal influence of Ge4+ is more predominant in ZnCuGeO4. Ti4+ is uninfluential either in initiating the distortive tendency or cooperating with other ions for the same. The XRD,ρRT, ΔE and the nature of the charge carriers, all suggest that the air oxidation of metallic copper leads to the minority concentration of Cu+ along with a majority concentration of Cu2+, as demanded by the stoichiometric considerations of these compositions.

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