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    • Facile electrodeposition of feather-like Cu–Ni foam as an affordable electrocatalyst for hydrogen evolution reaction


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      In this study, Cu–Ni foam with different percentages of nickel and copper was fabricated by the electrodeposition method. The morphology and phase structure of deposited foams were investigated by field-emission scanning electron microscope and X-ray diffraction, respectively. Moreover, TEM was utilized to see the foam morphology and the feather-like structures in more detail. It was observed that Cu–Ni foam had a feather-like structure, and the presence of this type of structure led to an increase in the electrode/electrolyte interface. Based on the results, it was found that by adding nickel to copper, the electrocatalytic performance was improved, and the hydrogen evolution reaction (HER) activity of Cu–Ni foam was also higher than Cu foam. The electrochemical surface area of fabricated structures was measured by the electrochemical test and it was revealed that the fabricated electrode possesses a high surface area (85.9 cm$^2$). The HER activity of electrodeposited feather-like foams was studied by linear sweep voltammetry in 1.0 M KOH, which showed that the Tafel slope of the Cu–Ni foam (50 wt% Ni) was 97 mV dec$^{–1}$ and its required overpotential to attain the current density of 10 mA cm$^{–2}$ was 229 mV. Overall, this research proposes a highly efficient and affordable Cu–Ni foam with remarkable electrocatalytic properties in alkaline media.

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