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    • Structural and dielectric properties of Pb(Li1/4Sm1/4Mo1/2)O3 ceramics

      S Bera R N P Choudhary

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      The ceramic samples of lithium-samarium modified lead molybdate, Pb(Li1/4 Sm1/4 Mo1/2)O3 (PLSM)—a member of ABO3 family were prepared by solid state reaction technique at ≈ 600–700°C. Preliminary X-ray analysis suggests the formation of single phase orthorhombic compound of PLSM. Studies of surface morphology, uniform particle/grain distribution, and presence of elements in the compound were completed using scanning electron microscope (SEM). Measurements of dielectric constant (ɛ), loss (tanδ) and conductivity (σ) at different frequencies and temperatures provided that the compound has a strong dielectric anomaly at 107°C.

    • Studies of structural and electrical properties of Pb(Li1/4Eu1/4Mo1/2)O3 ceramics

      S Bera R N P Choudhary

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      Polycrystalline sample of Pb(Li1/4Eu1/4Mo1/2)O3 was prepared by usual ceramic route. X-ray diffraction, SEM and EDAX were used to check the formation, homogeneity and elements present in the compound. The measurement of dielectric constant (ɛ), dielectric loss (tanδ), hysteresis loop parameters (e.g. spontaneous polarization) as function of frequency and temperature suggest that the compound is a ferroelectric one and has a ferro-paraelectric phase transition at 112 ± 2°C. The measurement of dc resistivity both as function of biasing electric field and temperature of the compound suggests that the compound has negative temperature coefficient (NTC) of resistance above 100°C.

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