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    • Structural and optical properties analysis of Al nanoparticle-assisted SiO$_x$ thin film for photodetector application


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      This study investigated the effect of aluminium (Al) nanoparticle (NP) assisted on SiO$_x$ thin film for possible enhancement in photodetection using catalyst free e-beam evaporation with the glancing angle deposition technique. TheX-ray diffraction spectrum confirms the presence of Al-NP, which is further supported by energy dispersive X-ray analysis. The top view field emission scanning electron microscope image of the p-Si/SiO$_x$/Al-NP/SiO$_x$/Al-NP samplereveals the successful deposition of a porous SiO$_x$ film coated with Al-NP. The optical absorption spectra of the samples with Al-NP show enhanced absorption in the UV as well as in the visible region compared to the samples without Al-NP,which may be due to the surface plasmon resonance effect of Al-NP. The measured photocurrent densities for the annealed p-Si/SiO$_x$/Ag and p-Si/SiO$_x$/Al-NP/SiO$_x$/Al-NP/Ag devices were found to be about -2.02${\times}$10$^{–3}$ and-5.53${\times}$10$^{–3}$A cm$^{–2}$ at -8 V, respectively. Moreover, the annealed p-Si/SiO$_x$/Al-NP/SiO$_x$/Al-NP/Ag based device shows improved rise time (${\sim}$106 ms) and fall time (${\sim}$108 ms) as compared to the rise time (${\sim}$135 ms) and fall time (${\sim}$192 ms)of p-Si/SiO$_x$/Ag based device. These results indicate that the addition of Al metal NP assisted on SiO$_x$ thin film has a good impact on optical and electrical properties, which makes the proposed fabrication technique a promising one for photodetector and other optoelectronic applications.

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