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    • Photoconductivity and dielectric studies of potassium pentaborate crystal (KB5)

      V Joseph S Gunasekaran V Santhanam

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      Single crystal of potassium pentaborate (KB5) has been grown by solution growth technique. FTIR and laser Raman measurements are carried out to make a qualitative analysis on KB5 crystal. Dielectric behaviour of the KB5 crystal has been studied in the microwave region using K-band microwave bench equipped with the Gunn Oscillator guided with rectangular wave-guide. To confirm the suitability of this crystal as electro optic device, its dielectric behaviour with the change of frequency has also been investigated. Photoconductivity studies were also carried out on this material. It was interesting to observe that the KB5 crystal exhibited negative photoconductivity.

    • Thermal decomposition of natural dolomite

      S Gunasekaran G Anbalagan

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      Thermal decomposition behaviour of dolomite sample has been studied by thermogravimetric (TG) measurements. Differential thermal analysis (DTA) curve of dolomite shows two peaks at 777.8°C and 834°C. The two endothermic peaks observed in dolomite are essentially due to decarbonation of dolomite and calcite, respectively. The TG data of the decomposition steps have also been analysed using various differential, difference-differential and integral methods, viz. Freeman–Carroll, Horowitz–Metzger, Coats–Redfern methods. Values of activation entropy, Arrhenius factor, and order of reaction have been approximated and compared. Measured activation energies vary between 97 and 147 kJ mol-1. The large fluctuation in activation energy is attributed to the presence of impurities such as SiO2, Al2O3, Fe2O3, Cl- etc in the samples. FTIR and XRD analyses confirm the decomposition reaction. SEM observation of the heat-treated samples at 950°C shows cluster of grains, indicating the structural transformation.

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