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    • X-ray absorption spectroscopy of PbMoO4 single crystals

      D Bhattacharyya A K Poswal S N Jha Sangeeta S C Sabharwal

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      X-ray absorption spectra of PbMoO4 (LMO) crystals have been investigated for the first time in literature. The measurements have been carried out at Mo absorption edge at the dispersive EXAFS beamline (BL-8) of INDUS-2 Synchrotron facility at Indore, India. The optics of the beamline was set to obtain a band of 2000 eV at 20,000 eV and the channels of the CCD detector were calibrated by recording the absorption edges of standard Mo and Nb foils in the same setting. The absorption spectra have been measured for three LMO samples prepared under different conditions viz.

      grown in air from stoichiometric starting charge,

      grown in argon from stoichiometric starting charge and

      grown in air from PbO-rich starting charge.

      The results have been explained on the basis of the defect structure analysed in LMO crystals prepared under different conditions. The Mo absorption edge is significantly influenced by the deviations in crystal stoichiometry.

    • Optical and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy of PbGeO3 and Pb5Ge3O11 single crystals

      S C Sabharwal S N Jha Sangeeta

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      Pb5Ge3O11 crystals are found to exhibit pale yellow colouration while PbGeO3 are colourless. X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) measurements show lead deficiency in both the crystals. The results also reveal a stronger ionic character for PbGeO3 as compared to Pb5Ge3O11 crystal. The binding energy of Ge3𝑑 core level in the case of Pb5Ge3O11 crystal is found to be smaller than the binding energy of germanium oxide, thereby indicating the incomplete oxidation of Ge ions in the crystal lattice. On gamma ray irradiation, the transmission of both the crystals is observed to deteriorate uniformly over the entire wavelength range, which has been attributed to the oxidation of some of the lattice Pb ions. On gamma irradiation the changes observed in O1𝑠 core level energies for both the crystals are seen to be consistent with the changes noted in the Pb4𝑓7/2 and Ge3𝑑 spectra. Interestingly, the results reveal oxidation of surface Ge atoms with atmospheric oxygen under gamma irradiation.

    • EXAFS investigations on PbMoO4 single crystals grown under different conditions

      A K Poswal D Bhattacharyya S N Jha Sangeeta S C Sabharwal

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      Extended X-ray absorption fine structure (EXAFS) measurements on PbMoO4 (LMO) crystals have been performed at the recently-commissioned dispersive EXAFS beamline (BL-8) of INDUS-2 Synchrotron facility at Indore, India. The LMO samples were prepared under three different conditions viz.

      grown from a stoichiometric starting charge in air ambient,

      grown from a stoichiometric starting charge in argon ambient and

      grown from PbO-rich starting charge in air ambient.

      The EXAFS data obtained at both Pb 𝐿3 and Mo K edges of LMO have been analysed to determine Pb–O, Pb–Mo and Mo–O bond lengths in the crystals. The information thus obtained has been used to examine the microscopic defect structures in crystals grown under different conditions.

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