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    • Hot corrosion performance of LVOF sprayed Al2O3–40% TiO2 coating on Superni 601 and Superco 605 superalloys at 800 and 900°C

      N K Mishra S B Mishra

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      Al2O3–40% TiO2 coating is deposited on Superni 601 and Superco 605 superalloys by low-velocity oxy-fuel (LVOF) process. LVOF sprayed coating is characterized for surface roughness, microhardness, scanning electron microscopy and X-ray diffraction analysis. Hot corrosion of the coated and uncoated superalloys have been evaluated in an aggressive environment of Na2SO4–82% Fe2(SO4)3 under cyclic conditions at temperatures of 800 and 900°C. The microhardness and surface roughness values of the as-sprayed coatings are found to be in the range of 742–946 Hv and 14.40–14.80 𝜇m, respectively. Al2O3–40% TiO2 coating on both the superalloys has indicated protective behaviour during hot corrosion studies.

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