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    • Thermodynamic modelling of phase equilibria in Al–Ga–P–As system

      S Acharya J P Hajra

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      A generalized thermodynamic expression of the liquid Al–Ga–P–As alloys is used in conjunction with the solid solution model in determining the solid–liquid equilibria at 1173 K and 1273 K. The liquid solution model contains thirtyseven parameters. Twentyfour of them pertain to those of the six constituent binaries, twelve refer to the specific ternary interactions. Additionally the liquid solution model also contains a specific quaternary interaction parameter. The latter has been evaluated here based on the experimental data available in the literature. The present research shows an excellent agreement between the derived and experimental values at 1173 K and 1273 K for the system. The article also presents a comparison between the evaluated values with those based on the regular solution model for the liquid alloys.

    • Applicability of four parameter formalisms in interpreting thermodynamic properties of binary systems

      S Acharya J P Hajra

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      The four parameter functions are generally considered to be adequate for representation of the thermodynamic properties for the strongly interacting binary systems. The present study involves a critical comparison in terms of applicability of the three well known four-parameter formalisms for the representation of the thermodynamic properties of binary systems. The study indicates that the derived values of the infinite dilution parameters based on the formalisms compare favourably with the computed data available in the literature. The standard deviations in terms of the partial and integral excess functions of all the models lie well within the experimental scatter of the computed data and coincide exactly with each other. The formalisms are useful in representation of the thermodynamic properties of most of the binary systems except for the Mg–Bi and Mg–In systems. In such systems, it appears that the additional compositional terms may be necessary for the formalisms for adequate description of behaviour of the systems. Since the derived values of the thermodynamic properties of all the formalisms match favourably over the entire compositional range for the systems as studied in the present research, any one of them may be used for adequate representation of the properties of the systems.

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