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    • Interlayer coupling in peroxitonic model of superconductivity

      R Rai

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      The unusual ESR spectra of YBa2Cu3O7−x is ascribed to a Cu2+ ion, whose one ligand in CuO2 plane is involved in a peroxiton O−Cu+−O bond. The analysis shows that the presence of a ligand in O substantially increases the energies ofd-hole orbitals. Since this increase for YBa2Cu3O7\t-\gd, orbital is much larger than that ford3z2r2 orbital, their separation is drastically reduced and there occurs a significant orthorhombic mixing between the two. This charge transfer from a planardx2r2 orbital to ad3z2r2 orbital, which lies mainly perpendicular to the plane, provides a mechanism for interlayer coupling. The effect of this coupling on superconducting transition temperature is discussed.

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