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    • Study on elastic-plastic component in indentation fatigue of sodalime glass

      Rajat Banerjee B K Sarkar

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      Fracture mechanics studies on glass by indentation has become predominant in recent times. Interest in it has become more prominent due to a large application of such materials in areas of engineering applications encountering fluctuating stresses induced thermally, mechanically or physically. However, glass subjected to repeated indentation at a point prior to crack initiation with subcritical loads phenomenological to metal fatigue has not been systematically investigated. Repeated indentation at a single point with different subcritical loads (0·1N, 0·15N, 0·25N, 0·50N, 1·0N) was performed till radial cracks occurred. The length of the diagonal was measured after each indentation, which was found to increase with indentation cycle eventually leading to crack initiation. This observation was analysed considering the elastic plastic component and the residual stress developed during each cycle. A mathematical model has been postulated to correlate the contribution of cumulative residual stress for crack initiation.

    • Cracking phenomena in lithium-di-silicate glass ceramics

      Rajat Banerjee

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      Lithium-di-silicate glass ceramic (Li2O, SiO2) with uniformly oriented crystals was placed on a Vickers indentation with extrusion axis horizontally parallel to the base axis. The material was rotated through 0°– 90° and at each angle a 20 N load was applied to ascertain the crack path. It was observed that the crack length decreases and the crack deviates from its original path with increasing angle. The deviation of the crack was correlated with the component of the crack driving force and the theoretical strength of the aligned crystals at different angles.

    • Critical fatigue behaviour in brittle glasses

      Rajat Banerjee Bikas K Chakrabarti

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      The dynamic fatigue fracture behaviour in different glasses under various sub-threshold loading conditions are analysed here employing an anomalous diffusion model. Critical dynamical behaviour in the time-to-fracture and the growth of the micro-crack sizes, similar to that observed in such materials in the case of quasi-static (``instantaneous”) failures for above-threshold conditions, are predicted and compared with some of the experimental observations in different glasses.

    • Enhancement of optical properties of boron-doped SiC thin film: a SiC QD effect


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      Silicon carbide quantum dots (SiC-QD) embedded inside the SiC thin film deposited on silicon (111) wafer is directly synthesized by modified chemical vapour deposition technique using boron-doped liquid polycarbosilane as aprecursor. Subsequent microscopic characterization of the thin film exhibits the presence of QD, which is theoretically corroborated from the exciton Bohr radius. The film shows interesting visible and near-infra-red photoluminescence atroom temperature with enhanced lifetime. In addition to the lifetime, the quantum efficiency in the visible emission was also enhanced substantially than what was reported previously.

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