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    • Synthesis, IR, crystallization and dielectric study of (Pb, Sr)TiO3 borosilicate glass–ceramics

      C R Gautam D Kumar O Parkash Prabhakar Singh

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      Eleven glass compositions were prepared by melt and quench method with progressive substitution of SrO for PbO (0 ≤ 𝑥 ≤ 1.0) with a step-wise increment of 0.10 in the glass [(Pb𝑥Sr1−𝑥)OTiO2]–[(2SiO2B2O3)]–[BaO.K2O].Nb2O5 (mol percentage) system. The infrared spectra (IR) of various glass compositions in the above mentioned glass system was recorded over a continuous spectral range 400–4000 cm-1 to study their different oxides structure systematically. Differential thermal analysis (DTA) was recorded from room temperature (∼27 °C) to 1400 °C employing a heating rate of 10 °C/min to determine glass transition temperature, 𝑇g and crystallization temperature, 𝑇c. The melting temperature, 𝑇m, of these glass compositions was found to be in the range 597–1060 °C depending on the composition under normal atmospheric conditions. 𝑇g and 𝑇m of glasses were found to increase with increasing SrO content. X-ray diffraction analysis of these glass–ceramic samples shows that major crystalline phase of the glass–ceramic sample with 𝑥 ≤ 0.5 was found to have cubic structure similar to SrTiO3 ceramic. Scanning electron microscopy has been carried out to see the surface morphology of the crystallites dispersed in the glassy matrix.

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