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    • Effect of Nd substitution on magnetoelectric properties of Sm$_2$BaCuO$_5$


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      We have investigated the magnetic and magnetoelectric properties of solid solutions in the green phase region of the 211-cuprate system Sm$_{2-x}$Nd$_x$BaCuO$_5$ ($x = 0.2$, 0.4 and 0.6). These compounds crystallize in the centrosymmetric orthorhombic (Pnma) structure. Upon substitution of Nd, the antiferromagnetic ordering temperature of Cu$^{2+}$ ions ($T_{\rm, N1} = 24$ K) and Sm$^{3+}$$/$Nd$^{3+}$ ions ($T_{\rm N2} = 5$ K) remain unchanged. Dielectric anomalies appear at $T_{\rm N1}$ under applied magnetic field, whose magnitude increases with field, and at $T_{\rm N2} = 5$ K under zero magnetic field for all three compounds. Applied magnetic fields induce electric polarization at $T_{\rm N1}$ that vary linearly with magnetic fields. While the polarizationdecreases below $T_{\rm N2}$ in $x = 0$ and 0.2, it is enhanced for the samples with $x = 0.4$ and 0.6. Interestingly, an additional anomaly is observed in dielectric and electric polarization data at 23 K for the composition $x = 0.4$ under the magnetic fields. Our study reveals that the substitution of Nd significantly modifies the electrical properties due to changes in the interactions between 4$f$--3$d$ moments.

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