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    • Growth and study of barium oxalate single crystals in agar gel

      P V Dalal K B Saraf

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      Barium oxalate was grown in agar gel at ambient temperature. The effect of various parameters like gel concentration, gel setting time and concentration of the reactants on the growth of these crystals was studied. Prismatic platy shaped spherulites and dendrites were obtained. The grown crystals were characterized by X-ray powder diffractometry, infrared spectroscopy, thermogravimetric and differential thermal analysis. An attempt is made to explain the spherulitic growth mechanism.

    • Growth of strontium oxalate crystals in agar–agar gel

      P V Dalal K B Saraf

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      Single crystals of strontium oxalate have been grown by using strontium chloride and oxalic acid in agar–agar gel media at ambient temperature. Different methods for growing crystals were adopted. The optimum conditions were employed in each method by varying concentration of gel and reactants, and gel setting time etc. Transparent prismatic bi-pyramidal platy-shaped and spherulite crystals were obtained in various methods. The grown crystals were characterized with the help of FT–IR studies and monoclinic system of crystals were supported with lattice parameters 𝑎 = 9.67628 Å, 𝑏 = 6.7175 Å, 𝑐 = 8.6812 Å, 𝛽 = 113.566°, and 𝑉 = 521.84 Å3 calculated from X-ray diffractogram.

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