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    • Preparation, characterization and dielectric behaviour of some yttrium doped strontium stannates

      P K Bajpai Kuldeep Ratre Mukul Pastor T P Sinha

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      Samples of Sr$_{(1–3x/2)}$Y$_x$SnO3 are prepared by usual solid state reaction route. X-ray diffraction studies confirm the formation of single cubic perovskite single phase. The dielectric constant and dielectric loss at 1 kHz were measured in the temperature range from room temperature up to ≅ 150°C. The dielectric constant decreases and losses increase with increased yttrium content in the samples. The percentage porosity and unit cell parameters are also calculated for the samples.

    • Synthesis and structural characterization of some Pb(B$^{'}_{1/3}$Nb2/3)O3 type materials by two-stage solid-state route

      Mukul Pastor P K Bajpai R N P Choudhary

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      Two-stage columbite solid state reaction route has been used for the preparation of Pb (B$^{'}_{1/3}$Nb2/3)O3 materials (B′ = Mg, Ni and Cd). The columbite precursor phase was structurally characterized using diffraction data. MgNb2O6, NiNb2O6 and CdNb2O6 show orthorhombic structures i.e. pure columbite phase. Final phase materials get stabilized in mixed phase. The diffraction pattern shows that it is a mixture of cubic pyrochlore and perovskite phase. Percentage of perovskite phase was calculated using the band intensities of (110) perovskite and (222) pyrochlore peaks. The calculated percentages show the dominant perovskite phase. Possible reasons for mixed phase are discussed.

    • Electrical and magnetic properties of (BiNa)1/2(FeV)1/2O3

      S K Bera Subrat K Barik R N P Choudhary P K Bajpai

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      Potential multiferroic material, (BiNa)1/2(FeV)1/2O3, synthesized using solid-state route is investigated. The phase formation was confirmed by X-ray diffraction and surface morphology by scanning electron microscopy (SEM). Structural data reveal the single phase formation corroborated by SEM. The grain distribution is uniform with an average grain size of 3.6 𝜇m. Electrical properties were investigated in a frequency range (1 kHz–1 MHz) by complex impedance spectroscopy (CIS) technique. The material showed negative temperature coefficient of resistance (NTCR) reflecting semiconductor behaviour. A.C. conductivity was found to obey Johnscher’s law. Conductivity mechanism is discussed and activation energy estimated (1.17 eV) for the conduction process is associated with Fe3+ → Fe2+ variable state. The M–H curve showed the presence of ferromagnetism in the studied material.

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