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    • Thermodynamic and relative approach to compute glass-forming ability of oxides

      Nouar Boubata Abdelmalek Roula Islam Moussaoui

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      This study deals with the evaluation of glass-forming ability (GFA) of oxides and is a critical reading of Sun and Rawson thermodynamic approach to quantify this aptitude. Both approaches are adequate but ambiguous regarding the behaviour of some oxides (tendency to amorphization or crystallization). Indeed, ZrO2 and Al2O3 were inappropriately listed by Sun and Rawson to be glassformer oxides while being intermediate ones.We present a non-dimensional approach to value GFA of single oxide by affecting to each one of the coefficients (without measuring units). Obeying to the non-dimensional analysis rules, we introduce a neglected (in all prior thermodynamic models) characteristic: the isobaric heat capacity (𝐶p) of oxides, and execute a mathematical treatment of oxides thermodynamic data.We note this coefficient as thermodynamical relative glass-forming ability (ThRGFA) and formulate a model to compute it. Computed values of 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th period metal oxides reveal a clear differentiation between them. Indeed, all glass former oxides are characterized by ThRGFA values over 1.709. Moreover, the value intervals confirm the oxides classification into three groups (forming, intermediate and modifier) and sorting of the former ones in distinctive strong and fragile oxides.

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