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    • Statistical theories of nematic liquid crystals

      N V Madhusudana

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      Nematic liquid crystals are composed of molecules with moderate shape anisotropy, and are characterized by purely orientational but no translational long range order. It is necessary to take into account both the anisotropic attractions between the molecules and the excluded volume effects to give a proper statistical theory of this phase. Indeed a reasonably satisfactory semiquantitative description has emerged only in the past two years. The paper reviews recent developments in the field.

    • Some observations on defects in nematic liquid crystals

      N V Madhusudana

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      After briefly describing the usually observed defects in nematic liquid crystals, we give a summary of our observations on high strength line defects and a regular network of point disclinations on the nematic-isotropic interface.

    • Electroclinic measurement of the coefficients of Landau expansion of some ferroelectric liquid crystals

      H P Padmini N V Madhusudana B Shivkumar

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      The electroclinic effect in the smectic A phase of ferroelectric liquid crystals is a sensitive probe for measuring the soft mode response near the A-C* transition point. It is possible to evaluate several coefficients of the Landau theory describing the A-C* transition by simultaneously measuring the frequency dependence of both the optical signal and the current through the sample. We have made such measurements on a couple of homologous series [2S,3S]-4′-(2-chloro-3-methyl pentanoyloxy) phenyl-trans-4″-n alkoxy cinnamates synthesized in our labortory. The results show that the Landau meanfield theory is adequate to describe the A-C* phase transition in these compounds.

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