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    • Synthesis and physico-chemical properties of a new non-centrosymmetric 2-ammoniumbenzamide trioxonitrate crystals [C$_7$H$_9$N$_2$O]NO$_3$


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      2-Ammoniumbenzamide trioxonitrate crystals (2-ABN) were prepared and grown at room temperature. This compound crystallizes in the orthorhombic systemwith non-centrosymmetric P2$1$2$_1$2$_1$ space group. The unit cell dimensions are $a = 4.8900(9)~\AA$, $b = 9.5541(19)~\AA$, $c = 18.961(4)~\AA$ with $V = 885.8(3~{\AA}^3$ and $Z = 4$. The structure refined to a reliability $R$ factor of 4.34%. The 2-ABN structure consists of 2-ammoniumbenzamide cations (C$_7$H$_9$N$_2$O$^+$) and trioxonitrate anions (NO$^−_3$) interconnected by hydrogen bonds originating from amine group donors [$N−H\cdots O$], so as to build a three-dimensional arrangement. The crystal structure, the thermal behaviour and the IR spectroscopic studies were discussed. The optical studies reveal that the 2-ABN crystal could be a good candidate for nonlinear optical devices. The dielectric properties, real and imaginary dielectric permittivities ($\epsilon'$ and $\epsilon''$) and dielectric loss tangent ($\tan (\delta)$), of the crystal at different frequencies of the applied field are reported.

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