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    • Conductivity studies in SnO–NaPO3 glasses

      M Harish Bhat Munia Ganguli K J Rao

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      Na+ ion conductivity has been studied in SnO.NaPO3 glasses, which have been prepared over a wide range of compositions using a microwave melting technique. D.c. activation barriers seem to reflect the structural changes in system. A.c. conductivity analysis has revealed that while the power law exponent, 𝑠, seem to bear correlation to the structural changes, the exponent 𝛽 of the stretched exponential function describing the dielectric relaxation is largely insensitive to the structure. Possible importance of the correlation of transport property to the variation of available non-bridging oxygen (NBO) atoms in the structure is discussed.

    • Li+ ion conductivities in boro-tellurite glasses

      M Harish Bhat M Kandavel Munia Ganguli K J Rao

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      Lithium ion conductivity has been investigated in a boro-tellurite glass system, LiCl.LiBO$_{2}\cdot$TeO2.In the absence of LiCl, the conductivity increases with increasing non-bridging oxygen (NBO) concentration. LiCl addition has little influence on total conductivity although the observed barriers are low. Formation of LiCl clusters appears evident. In the a.c. conductivity and dielectric studies, it is observed that the conductivity mechanism remains the same in all compositions and at all temperatures. A suggestion is made that Li+ ion transport may be driven by bridging oxygen $\leftrightarrow$ non-bridging oxygen (BO $\leftrightarrow$ NBO) switching, which is why the two different types of Li+ ions in the clusters and in the neighbourhood of NBOs, do not manifest in the conductivity studies.

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