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    • Effect of Cr and Ni on diffusion bonding of Fe3Al with steel

      Wang Juan Li Yajiang Ma Haijun

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      Microstructure at the diffusion bonding interface between Fe3Al and steel including Q235 low carbon steel and Cr18–Ni8 stainless steel was analysed and compared by means of scanning electron microscopy and transmission electron microscopy. The effect of Cr and Ni on microstructure at the Fe3Al/steel diffusion bonding interface was discussed. The experimental results indicate that it is favourable for the diffusion of Cr and Ni at the interface to accelerate combination of Fe3Al and steel during bonding. Therefore, the width of Fe3Al/Cr18–Ni8 interface transition zone is more than that of Fe3Al/Q235. And Fe3Al dislocation couples with different distances, even dislocation net occurs at the Fe3Al/Cr18–Ni8 interface because of the dispersive distribution of Cr and Ni in Fe3Al phase.

    • Diffusivity of Al and Fe near the diffusion bonding interface of Fe3Al with low carbon steel

      Li Yajiang Wang Juan Yin Yansheng Ma Haijun

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      The distribution of elements near the Fe3Al/Q235 diffusion bonding interface was computed by the diffusion equation as well as measured by means of EPMA. The results indicated close agreement between the two for iron and aluminium. Diffusion coefficient in the interface transition zone is larger than that in the Fe3Al and Q235 steel at the same temperature, which is favourable to elemental diffusion. The diffusion distance near the Fe3Al/Q235 interface increased with increasing heating temperature, 𝑇, and the holding time, 𝑡. The relation between the width of the interface transition zone, 𝑥, and the holding time, 𝑡, conformed to parabolic growth law: 𝑥2 = 4.8 × 104 exp(– 133/RT) (𝑡 – 𝑡0). The width of the interface transition zone does not increase significantly for holding times beyond 60 min.

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      Posted on July 25, 2019

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