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    • Nucleation and growth of potassium dihydrogen phosphate crystals in silica gels

      M S Joshi A V Antony

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      Kinetic studies on nucleation and growth of potassium dihydrogen phosphate crystals in silica gels show that the rate-determining process for the growth of these crystals in silica gels is diffusion. Morphology, microhardness and perfection of gel grown crystals are also reported.

    • Surface structures on second order prism faces of synthetic quartz crystals

      M S Joshi K B Saraf A V Antony

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      Surface structure studies on various {1120} (second order prism) faces of synthetic quartz crystals are reported. Horizontal striations and polygonal growth pyramids are predominant on these faces. Growth layers modified by the presence of guest microcrystals attached to the host second order prism faces are illustrated and explained. It is shown that microcrystals and impurities influence growth and development of second order prism faces of synthetic quartz crystals. Mechanism of growth of these faces is assessed in the light of the observed surface structures.

    • Growth of single crystals of some complex salts in silica gels

      M S Joshi P Mohan Rao A V Antony

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      Single crystals of ammonium nickel sulphate, potassium nickel sulphate, ammonium alum and potassium alum are grown in sodium-metasilicate gels. The method of gel preparation and growth procedure are described. Both single diffusion and double diffusion methods are used. Studies on nucleation and characterisation of crystals are also reported. Crystals grown are illustrated.

    • Growth and characterization of hydrothermally-grown zeolite crystals

      M S Joshi B T Bhoskar

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      Studies on hydrothermal synthesis of zeolite crystals, in Na2O-Al2O3-SiO2-H2O system, are reported. Experimental procedure and growth parameters are briefly described. Cube-like and rod-like crystals (called VSZ-1 and VSZ-2) are illustrated. It is established that VSZ-1 crystals are metastable, while VSZ-2 crystals are stable. Crystallanity of these two samples is established. Observations and results of characterization of these two varieties by TEM, SEM, electron microprobe and infrared methods are described, illustrated and interpreted. The role of Si/Al ratio is explained.

    • Hydrothermal transformation of clinoptilolite

      M S Joshi V V Joshi

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      Procedure for hydrothermal transformation of natural clinoptilolite at 160°C is described. The synthesis is carried out in the system Na2O-Al2O3-SiO2-H2O. Products of 24–168 hr runs are characterized by x-ray diffraction,ir spectroscopy, energy dispersive analysis of x-rays (edax), and electron microscopy. Presence of analcime-type and faujasite-type zeolites in the final products is established. Si/Al ratio of the final mixed phase is estimated as 2·91. Spheroid crystals of analcime, fibrous crystals of mordenite (on analcime), and well developed polyhedral crystals of analcime-faujasite mixed phase are illustrated and described. It is shown that crystals grow by two-dimensional nucleation mechanism.

    • Synthesis and characterization of mordenite crystals

      M S Joshi K Mohan Prabhu

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      The hydrothermal synthesis of large port mordenite crystals and experimental observations are reported. Unit cell parameters are estimated asa = 18·142,b = 20·328 andc = 7·508 Å. Prismatic and prismatic pyramidal mordenite crystals are illustrated. The average particle size computed was 8–20µ. Adsorption capacities of synthesized mordenite crystals are 13·4% for water, 9·9% for methanol and 5·8% for benzene by weight.

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