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    • Galvanomagnetic properties of plastically deformed InSb single crystals

      M Nagabhooshanam V Hari Babu

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      The dc Hall effect, dc conductivity and mobility have been studied on deformed and undeformed samples ofn-type InSb from liquid nitrogen temperature to room temperature. These studies have shown that the Hall coefficient values of deformed samples do not differ much from undeformed sample, but a considerable amount of change was observed in mobility, suggesting that equal number of donor and acceptor type dislocations are introduced during the deformation process. In addition the mobility variation of the deformed samples with temperature has shown a peak in 170–300°K range. The dislocation mobility (μD) is deduced from the observed mobilities of deformed and undeformed samples. The plotμD vs T has two regions, region 1 being independent of temperature and region 2 having a linear increase with temperature. Theβ factor obtained from region 2 is found to be almost equal to the one calculated from Dexter and Seitz model. The dislocation densities at room temperature are also calculated for the deformed samples using the above model.

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