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    • Wear and corrosion resistance of titanium carbo-nitride coated Al-7075 produced through PVD


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      Titanium carbo-nitride coatings were deposited using plasma-assisted physical vapour deposition technique on Al-7075 aluminium alloy plates. Studies were conducted to understand the bonding between the coating and substrate, and to examine the wear- and corrosion-resistant properties under heat treatments. The nature of bonding was characterized using scanning electron microscope. The pin-on-disc wear test, according to G99 ASTM standard, displayed the frictional force, coefficient of friction and wear for the samples. Simultaneously, the corrosion tests, according to G5-14 ASTM standard,performed for a period of 48 h, using electrochemical impedance and potentiodynamic polarization tests displayed the Nyquist and Tafel plots for analysis. The wear and corrosion rates of samples heat-treated at 500$^{\circ}$C for 1 h were found tobe 0.066e-6 g s$^{−1}$ and 2.962e2 g mm$^{−2}$ s$^{−1}$, respectively. While that of samples heat-treated at 500$^{\circ}$C for 12 h were found to be 0.366e-6 g s$^{−1}$ and 4.177e2 g mm$^{−2}$ s$^{−1}$. Both the wear and the corrosion performance investigations were in goodagreement with each other. Thus, the tribo-corrosive deterioration of titanium carbo-nitride coated Al-7075 had escalated with an increase in durations of the heat treatment.

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