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    • Effect of aluminium incorporation on physicochemical properties and patent blue V photodegradation of magnesium phosphate materials


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      A series of magnesium phosphate samples modified by incorporation of aluminium, denoted MgAlP-x (where x indicates the Al molar ratio%; $x = 0$; 10; 20; 40%), have been prepared by coprecipitation method followed by characterization. Their structures have been investigated by using powder X-ray diffraction, the surface area by physisorption of nitrogen (BET), Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) were used to characterize the functional groups of solids and MAS–NMR spectroscopy. X-ray diffractograms for synthesized materials suggest the formation of mixed solids, such as Mg$_3$(PO$_4$)$_2$, AlPO$_4$ and Al$_2$O$_3$. Incorporation of aluminium into magnesium orthophosphate increased the temperature of crystallization, so that MgAlP-$x$ systems retained amorphous up to 973 K. The specific surface area increases with aluminium content. 31P MAS–NMR spectra of calcined MgP shows a single peak at $\delta= +0.4$ ppm and two overlapped signals for calcined MgAlP-$x$ ($x = 20$ and 40%). But the dry solids present more than a single peak. The varying values of chemical shifts are due to the existence of different types of 31P structural configurations and oxygen environment. 27Al MAS-NMR spectra of sample exhibit two peaks, which were characteristic of the octahedral and tetrahedral environments of Al$^{3+}$ ions. It was observed that the incorporation of Al in MgP material decreases the patent blue V ($PB$) photodegradation. The highest dye degradation was obtained over the MgP catalyst (without Al). No correlation between the adsorption before UV irradiation and the rate of photodegradation.

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