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    • Synthesis and luminescence in sol–gel auto-combustion-synthesized CaSnO$_3$:Eu$^{3+}$ phosphor


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      Undoped and Eu-doped CaSnO$_3$ nanopowders were prepared by a facile sol–gel auto-combustion methodcalcined at 800$^{\circ}$C for 1 h. The samples are found to be well-crystallized pure orthorhombic CaSnO$_3$ structure. Photoluminescence (PL) measurements indicated that the undoped sample exhibits a broad blue emission at about 420–440 nm, which can be recognized from an intrinsic centre or centres in CaSnO$_3$. Eu-doped CaSnO$_3$ showed broad blue emission centred about 434 nm, a weak peak at 465 nm and a sharp intense yellow emission line at 592 nm. The emission situated at 592 nm was assigned to the f–f transition of ${}^5$D$_0$ $\to$ ${}^7$F$_1$ in Eu$^{3+}$ ions. The afterglow emission and PL decay results in Eu-doped CaSnO$_3$ phosphor, which revealed that there are at least two different traps in this phosphor. From the obtained results, Eu$^{3+}-doped CaSnO$_3$ phosphor could be proposed as a potential white luminescent optical material.

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