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    • Shear thickening fluid based on silica with neodymium oxide nanoparticles


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      The rheological performance of shear thickening fluid (STF) based on silica with neodymium oxide nanoparticles (Nd$_2$O$_3$/SiO$_2$-STF) was investigated in this study. Nd$_2$O$_3$/SiO$_2$-STF suspensions of varied concentrations (9–15 wt%) were prepared using an ultrasonic oscillator. The presence of Nd$_2$O$_3$ particle and its interaction with silica nanoparticlesin the Nd$_2$O$_3$/SiO$_2$-STF were analysed using scanning electron microscopy, X-ray diffractometry and energy dispersive spectroscopy. Nd$_2$O$_3$/SiO$_2$ interaction demonstrated that silica nanoparticle could be completely attached on the needle branches of the Nd$_2$O$_3$ particles, and formed a considerable clustering effect. The steady rheological testing results indicated that an appropriate amount of Nd$_2$O$_3$ particle resulted in a marked increase in the peak viscosity from 51.95 (SiO$_2$-STF) to218.94 Pa.s (Nd$_2$O$_3$/SiO$_2$-STF), and a concomitant decrease in the critical shear rate from 199.65 (SiO$_2$-STF) to 50.18 s$^{−1}$ (Nd$_2$O$_3$/SiO$_2$-STF). Moreover, although the peak viscosity declined with the rise in temperature, shear thickening was remarkable compared to those of SiO$_2$-STF and became highly remarkable with Nd$_2$O$_3$ particle mass fraction increase.

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