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    • Neutron investigation of ferrites

      L Madhav Rao

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      This article reviews the work carried out at Trombay in a variety of single and mixed spinel ferrites. The use of polarised neutrons in the elucidation of cation distribution and magnetic structures in powder specimens is emphasised. Magnetic form factor studies in single crystal specimens of Fe3O4 and MnFe2O4 are described. Evaluation of dominant exchange interactions in a few powder specimens in their paramagnetic phase using the cold neutron scattering technique is described. Measurements of the acoustic magnon dispersion in MnFe2O4 and Li0.13Fe2.87O4 are outlined.

    • Probing exotic magnetic phases in ferrites with neutrons

      L Madhav Rao

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      The decades of the sixties and early seventies saw the neutron diffraction technique playing a major role in the elucidation of magnetic structures in a variety of ferrites in our laboratory. In 1979, Villain in his seminal paper on insulating spin glasses argued that the spinel structure affords topological frustration which can give rise to a variety of perturbed magnetic ordering, depending upon magnetic dilution in the ferrite. The neutron is a unique probe to explore the nature of spatial correlations of magnetic moments in such systems. This paper describes the exciting work carried out at Trombay recently in mixed ferrites which have led to the discovery of exotic magnetic phases like the uniaxial random ferrimagnetic phase and the canted random ferrimagnetic phase involving the coexistence of long-range magnetic order and disorder.

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