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    • Synthesis and analysis of Fe3+, Co2+ and Ni2+ : PEO + PVP blended polymer composite films for multifunctional polymer applications

      K Naveen Kumar M Vasudeva Reddy L Vijayalakshmi Y C Ratnakaram

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      Blended polymer films of polyethylene oxide + polyvinyl pyrrolidone (PEO + PVP) containing transition metal (TM) ions like Fe3+, Co2+ and Ni2+ have been synthesized by a solution casting method. For these films, structural, thermal, magnetic and optical properties have been studied. X-ray diffraction results reveal the semi-crystalline nature of the polymer films. Thermal stability of the host (undoped) polymer film has been investigated from its thermogravimetric–differential thermal analysis profiles. Raman spectral profiles indicate a complex formation trend owing to the addition of TM ions into the host matrix. Co2+, Fe3+ and Ni2+ ions doped polymer films have revealed ferromagnetism based on their vibrating sample magnetometre profiles. However, the host polymer film has exhibited a paramagnetic nature. Further, ionic conductivities have been calculated using an impedance analyser at different temperatures for all the samples. Among these films, a maximum ionic conductivity (𝜎 = 7.5 × 10−6 S cm−1) has been noticed from PEO + PVP : Ni2+ polymer film at 373 K. Emission analysis of Co2+ : PEO + PVP polymer film has exhibited a strong red emission under an UV source and from both PEO + PVP : Fe3+; PEO + PVP: Ni2+, green emissions have commonly been noticed under an UV source. Thus, based on these results, it could be suggested that these TM ions doped PEO + PVP polymer films are found to be potential multifunctional materials for magneto-electric, magneto-optic fields with encouraging electrical, dielectric and optical properties as well as displaying with ferromagnetic nature from the doped films.

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