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    • Weak C–H…O hydrogen bonds in alkaloids: An overview

      Rajnikant Dinesh Kamni

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      An overview of general classification scheme, medicinal importance and crystal structure analysis with emphasis on the role of hydrogen bonding in some alkaloids is presented in this paper. The article is based on a general kind of survey while crystallographic analysis and role of hydrogen bonding are limited to only those alkaloids whose three-dimensional structure has been reported by us. The C–H…O hydrogen bonding in the solid state in alkaloids has been found to be predominant and this observation makes the role of hydrogen bonding in organic molecular assemblies very important.

    • Synthesis, X-ray structure and N–H…O interactions in 1,3-diphenyl-urea

      Rajnikant Dinesh M B Deshmukh Kamni

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      The synthesis, X-ray structure and role of intermolecular interactions have been studied in case of 1,3-diphenyl-urea, owing to its medicinal importance. The compound crystallizes in orthorhombic crystal system (space group, 𝑃𝑛𝑎21) with unit cell parameters, 𝑎 = 9.118(3), 𝑏 = 10.558(2), 𝑐 = 11.780(3) Å and 𝑍 = 4. The structure has been solved by direct methods and refined to a final 𝑅-value of 0.0316. The oxygen atom of the carbonyl group is responsible for the existence of two N–H…O intermolecular interactions.

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