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    • Transition metal chalcogenides exhibiting quasi-one-dimensional behaviour

      J Gopalakrishnan K S Nanjundaswamy

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      This paper presents a survey of transition metal chalcogenides (mainly sulphides and selenides) that exhibit unidimensional structural features and electronic properties arising therefrom. The survey indicates that linear, single-atom, chains of transition metals are formed in chalcogenides by sharing faces of MX6 (X=chalcogen) trigonal prisms or octahedra as well as corners or edges of MX4 tetrahedra. Besides these single-atom chain compounds, chalcogenides possessing multiple-atom chains are known among the early members of the transition series when the transition metal is in a low formal oxidation state. Typical examples of this class are Ti5Te4 and TlMo3Se3.

    • Low-temperature stabilization of pure MnO

      K S Nanjundaswamy M N Sankarshanamurthy

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      A technique has been worked out for stabilizing polycrystalline MnO against oxidation in air without dopants and without exceeding a temperature of 800°C in the process. The material is active though highly resistant to oxidation.

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