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    • Materials processing under microgravity conditions using drop tubes

      K Chattopadhyay M K Tiwari

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      Drop tube provides a low-cost alternative to study the influence of microgravity in materials processing. In the present paper, the current status of the drop tubes and associated experiments on materials processing are reviewed. Emphasis is placed on the advantages and limitations of these studies. It is pointed out that despite size limitation, large opportunities exist to study the fundamental aspects of the influence of gravity in materials processing.

    • Nanocomposites by rapid solidifcation route

      K Chattopadhyay

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      Nanometric aggregates of solids can be classified into two types, nanograined or nanophased materials and nanocomposites. In the present paper after a brief review including the relation between size and boundary fraction, the basic principles that can be utilized to synthesize these materials from liquid route has been discussed. We shall present examples to show that with proper choice of systems and conditions it is possible to obtain nanocomposites in systems showing clustering tendencies in liquid as well as the systems exhibiting ordering tendencies leading to compound formation.

    • Ordering transformation in icosahedral quasicrystals and related crystalline phases

      N K Mukhopadhyay K Chattopadhyay S Ranganathan

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      Arcs of diffuse intensity appear in various shapes and positions in the diffraction patterns from the icosahedral phase, violating the parity rule for simple icosahedral (SI) symmetry. In the process of annealing treatment, the diffuse spots also evolve in the centre of the arcs and become sharp. These extra diffuse spots change the symmetry of the quasilattice fromP-type toF-type. The ordered and disordered structures in quasicrystal have been linked to the ordered and disordered structures present in the crystalline α (Al-Mn-Si) and α (Al-Fe-Si) alloys.

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