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    • CdSiO$_3$:Fe$^{3+}$ nanophosphors: structural and luminescence properties


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      CdSiO$_3$:Fe$^{3+}$ (1–9 mol%) nanophosphor was prepared by the propellant combustion technique. The powder X-ray diffraction result shows the formation of highly crystalline nanophosphor monoclinic phase. The average particle size was calculated using Scherrer’s formula and $W–H$ plots were found in the range of 22–42 nm. The field emission scanning electron microscope and transmission electron microscope pictures of the particle showed agglomerated, highly porous, lots of voids, irregular shape and uneven in size. Fourier transform infrared and Raman spectroscopy were recorded to investigate the nature of chemical bonds. Energy bandgaps ($E_{\rm g}$) of the prepared samples were estimated using Wood and Tauc relation from the optical UV–Visible spectroscopy and found to be $\sim$5.2 eV. Photoluminescence studies of (1–9 mol%) CdSiO$_3$:Fe$^{3+}$ nanophosphor shows an intense emission peak at 715 nm when excited at 361 nm. The energy transfer of the excited Fe$^{3+}$ ions at higher concentrations are due to concentration quenching. As incorporation concentration of Fe$^{3+}$ increases, ${}^4$T$_1$ (4G) $\to$ ${}^6$A$_1$ transition dominates and the emission intensity increases. Commission International De I’Eclairage and coordinated colour temperature of the phosphors were well located in red region. Therefore, Fe$^{3+}$-doped CdSiO$_3$ nanophosphor was highly useful for the preparation of red component of WLED’s and solid-state display applications.

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