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    • Thermal sensor properties of PANI(EB)–CSA𝑋 (𝑋 = 0.4 ± 0.1 mol) polymer thin films

      T Prakash S A K Narayan Dass K Prem Nazeer

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      Films of polyaniline(EB) doped with camphor sulfonic acid (CSA) from 𝑚-cresol on glass substrates exhibit considerable metallic properties. Such polymer metallic films have thermal sensitivity superior to ceramic metal (Cermet) films, prepared by metallo organic deposition (MOD) technique on silicon substrates. These PANI(EB)–CSA𝑋 (𝑋 = 0.5, 0.4, 0.3 mol) polymer films were developed through controlled temperature atmosphere 60 ± 2°C for 60 min, and with the help of temperature dependence of resistivity (ρ) values, high temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR) i.e. 𝛼 values, and figure of merit (ρ 𝛼) values of these films, thermal sensitivity were compared from that we observed. Among the three doping ratios the PANI(EB)–CSA$_{0.3 mol}$ film (4.4 𝜇m thick) on glass substrate resistivity (ρ) values in the range of 838–1699 𝛺.𝜇m with high TCR i.e. 𝛼 = 10,291 ppm/°C and figure of merit (ρ 𝛼) value in range of 8.62–17.48 𝛺m/°C seems to be the best. This paper deals with these superior thermal-sensing properties together with optical studies and surface topography by atomic force microscopy (AFM). These polymer films offer design advantages in developing ‘thin film polymer thermal sensor’.

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