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    • Development of calcium phosphate based apatite from hen’s eggshell

      K Prabakaran A Balamurugan S Rajeswari

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      Stoichiometric hydroxyapatite with Ca/P molar ratio, 1.67, was synthesized using hen’s eggshell as calcium source and phosphoric acid by precipitation method. Conventional EDTA titration and gravimetric methods were adopted to estimate the amount of calcium and phosphorous, respectively. Fourier-transform infrared (FT–IR) and X-ray diffraction (XRD) techniques were employed to investigate the formation of the HAP phase. Thermal analysis (TG–DTA) was carried out to investigate the thermal stability of HAP powder. FT–IR spectra show the characteristic peaks for phosphate and hydroxyl groups. XRD results reveal that the major characteristic peaks of HAP appear in the region of approximately 26°, 28°, 29°, 30–35°, 39°, 46°, 49° and 50° (2𝜃) and also indicate that there are no occurrences of secondary phases during HAP formation. TG–DTA result depicts that the synthesized HAP was stable up to 1300°C.

    • Influence of nitrogen flow rates on materials properties of CrN𝑥 films grown by reactive magnetron sputtering

      B Subramanian K Prabakaran M Jayachandran

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      Chromium nitride (CrN) hard thin films were deposited on different substrates by reactive direct current (d.c.) magnetron sputtering with different nitrogen flow rates. The X-ray diffraction patterns showed mixed Cr2N and CrN phases. The variations in structural parameters are discussed. The grain size increased with increasing nitrogen flow rates. Scanning electron microscopy image showed columnar and dense microstructure with varying nitrogen flow rates. An elemental analysis of the samples was realized by means of energy dispersive spectroscopy. The electrical studies indicated the semiconducting behaviour of the films at the nitrogen flow rate of 15 sccm.

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